Now Featuring Tons of “New” Content

After years of some of my old blog archives being private, I’ve decided to import everything I can find (from four other WordPress installations) into this one blog.

I think this is proof I’m a glutton for punishment. How much punishment? There are nearly fifty categories now. Oh man, I had no idea how to organize content back then. I don’t want that content to just disappear, so now I get to deal with it here.

Feel free to browse the archives and comment on whatever you want! I’m certain at this point you can go all the way back to when I was an anti-Calvinist, King James Onlyist, but I may have already swept some of that nonsense underneath the proverbial rug.


Note: I realize a lot of stuff is is broken. I need to fix attachments, apply better tags, and basically do a ton of housecleaning.

2 thoughts on “Now Featuring Tons of “New” Content”

  1. I do not envy this task! I’m in the midst of doing the opposite and splitting one blog into two blogs since they are such individual ideas. It’s not fun but should be worth it in the end! BTW shoot me an email if you don’t mind – I have some questions about Thesis (from a user standpoint) that I’d love to ask you!

    1. I’ve never split a blog, so I don’t know how easy it will be… However, I can suggest this.

      Create a new user in the blog you want to split. Apply all posts being split out of the blog to the newly created user. Then, when you use Tools -> Export, you can specify only to export *that* user’s posts, allowing you to quickly and easily separate your content.

      In theory, that should work wonderfully.

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