When Dreams Come True

Last night I had a fair­ly vivid dream that some­one drove into my parked car. My car was totaled, but odd­ly enough, I was­n’t mad at the dri­ver who did it. I dis­tinct­ly remem­ber laugh­ing about it with him.

Today? One of my best friends drove into my car. And sure enough, we laughed about it, quite a bit. In her words, she just “love tapped” my car.

When friends have such cre­ative ways to show their love, who needs ene­mies, eh?

But seri­ous­ly, what’s up with the prophet­ic dream? All day long I was expect­ing some­thing to hap­pen to my car — espe­cial­ly after it start­ed snow­ing… And then it did. I’m just glad my dream was com­plete­ly wrong regard­ing the degree of what would happen.

3 thoughts on “When Dreams Come True”

  1. A sim­i­lar thing just hap­pened to me last week. I pulled up to a stop light and thought to myself, “The next per­son who turns onto this street is going to hit me.” And sure enough, the next per­son who pulled onto the street ran right into the front end of my car (again, I was sit­ting at a red light not mov­ing). Maybe its a new form of prophet­ic traf­fic revelations…

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