Can Ron Paul Win This Thing?

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More than once since expressing my support for Ron Paul have I been asked the question of who I am going to vote for when Ron Paul doesn’t garner the Republican nomination.

And more than once have I declined to answer. Ron Paul is not out of this race yet, and he has outlasted several candidates who were much bigger media darlings than Ron Paul will ever be.

The fact of the matter is, I don’t know if Dr. Paul can win this or not. This is the first ever election I’ve ever cared about to any appreciable extent, and it seems like every day I’m learning something new about how things work.

What I do know is that Ron Paul is not going to win if his supporters give up hope, concede to his opposition, and cast their lots with one of those other guys — McCain, Huckabee, or Romney. To my fellow Paul supporters, I encourage you to do what you can to get Paul the nomination and to win the election in November. Don’t lose heart at what our critics may say! And if you really want to make a positive impact for his campaign, I encourage you to sign up as a precinct leader in your community, getting the word out for Ron Paul! And yes, I’m practicing what I am preaching here; I signed up today as a volunteer and am looking forward to getting started.

I’m not losing faith in Ron Paul’s ability to win this election. I believe he is exactly what this country needs right now — most notably, he is the only candidate promising to withdraw from Iraq, not to mention his desire to do away with the Internal Revenue Service and other of Big Brother’s invasive arms.

Yes, the mainstream media may not like giving a true conservative time on the air — if liberal Republicans get the nomination, what’s the point in voting Republican? — but that makes your efforts as a Ron Paul supporter so much more important. And grassroots works… Our nation was founded on it!

5 thoughts on “Can Ron Paul Win This Thing?”

  1. Well said. I too am a Ron Paul supporter. He’s the first candidate I’ve ever been inspired by. Focusing on the Republic and the People – not special interest or status-quo. I really hope he continues to gain in popularity. And I’m glad to know there seems to be an increase in RP supporters out where I live (Central Coast, California).

    Big geek here too. Also a Christian. Wife also a photographer. Pretty cool.

  2. Rudy is out! Huckabee may last through Super Tuesday, but Ron Paul and the Revolution can and will continue if we raise$10 Million before Feb. 5th.

    This is exciting times as supporters of the Ron Paul consolidate their efforts. Money bomb or not, IT IS TIME NOW! The next three days are so important to send a message of massive support for Ron Paul. $10 Million could be that message to emphasize the strength of support surrounding the Ron Paul Revolution.

    Donate all you can, you can not wait until after Super Tuesday!
    Please forward this message to all the meetup groups and ask for donations this week before Super Tuesday, before it is to late! If everyone could donate just $100 or more , $10Million could send that message to the undecided voters. Donate now for Ron Paul for President.

  3. Just remember: We’re voting for who we want to win, not for who we think will win.

    I donated $51 dollars in honor of Ron and Carol’s 51st Wedding Anniversary today. I’m excited to see him gain so much support.

    Also, Ron Paul is coming to a city near me!!!! I just might get to see him live and in person! I am so excited!

  4. Unfortunately I don’t have money to donate to the cause…but as for my reasons for voting for him….

    I don’t want to vote for any of the others. And I don’t want to vote for Romney or McCain because I dislike them less than the Dems. So eEven if I have to write Paul in, I will.

    It boils down to the fact that I can’t in good conscience vote for the others.

  5. ross — Wow, cool coincidence! Does your wife have a website I could check out? Also, Dr. Paul is also the first politician I’ve ever been inspired by as well; I was excited for Bush in ’04, but only because I was convinced that a “good Christian” ought to have been. Now I’m pretty much convinced that 8 more years of President Clinton would have been preferable to endless warmongering.

    Bruce — Great to see that excitement! Don’t let it wane!

    Mr. E. Nigma — Welcome to the blog! I’m assuming you wandered here via the Fellowship Hall? (If not, that’s quite a coincidence!) Thanks for donating, and glad you’re going to get to meet Dr. Paul!

    TBone — Dr. Paul is the only true Republican in the running; the others seem to be content in trying to be more liberal than each other. If they get the nomination, there’ll be no point in voting for them — if you want a liberal, it’ll just be easier to vote for the Democrat at that point! Also, if you are unable to donate, would you consider serving as a precinct leader? I sent you an invite email for it.

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