Exegetical Proof That Regeneration Precedes Faith


Incrediblog! author Gordan Runyan today posted explicit exegetical proof that regeneration precedes faith.

One of the many implications of that fact — that regeneration and the new birth precedes belief or repentance — is that any time the gospel is presented in a manner which says, in effect, “All you have to do to be born again is believe,” is a lie.

Certainly, you must believe to be saved, but in order to believe you must first be born again. God must first change you before you will be disposed to believing Him.

2 thoughts on “Exegetical Proof That Regeneration Precedes Faith”

  1. Thanks for the link, Rick. I always ask folks how much say they had about anything that surrounded their physical birth, and then wonder why they think the second birth has to be so different.

  2. Gordan — It’s amazing the theological gymnastics they’ll put to use to answer that question, too! I know I used to put up quite a fuss about it before Yahweh opened my blinded eyes to His sovereignty!

    As always, thanks for reading. :D

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