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Very recently, I ordered 9 albums from BMG Music (eight were free!), but when I received them, one of them had been accidentally left out. Instead, I received an album which had a item # very similar to the album I actually ordered. This tells me two things: Kenny G has a Christmas album, and humans pack the albums for shipping.

I contacted the music service via their online contact form, informing them in a concise manner what my situation was. To paraphrase: “I received an album which I did not order (item #xxxxxxx), but I did not receive an album which I did order (item #yyyyyyy). I would appreciate any help you could provide with this situation. Thanks.”

That’s all. I didn’t get mad, I was patient, I didn’t bog them down with superfluity, and I gave them all the information that they would need (the order # [which was its own field and not part of my actual text] and the related item #s).

A day later, I get an email back from a friendly representative letting me know that my ordered album is on its way and that I may keep the album sent to me by mistake. That is what I call good customer service. The mistake was theirs, and they not only rectified it but went above and beyond by allowing me to keep an album which I hadn’t ordered or paid for in any way!

So, my point is, would anyone like a Kenny G Christmas album?

2 thoughts on “BMG Music Service”

  1. I think there’s an SNL quote that has something to do with this.

    “Kenny G has just come out with a Christmas album. That’s like saying “Happy Birthday Jesus! I hope you like crap.”

  2. You know, I listened to the album all the way through, and it makes for great ambiance. It’s certainly not sing-along music (having no lyrics), but it is relaxing to have going softly in the background.

    That said, I doubt I’ll keep the album anyway. I’ve no use for ambiance when I have good music turned up loud quite often. :)

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