It Has Begun

I did my first bit of Christmas shopping, just a few hours before December 1. Hurray!

4 thoughts on “It Has Begun”

        1. When I can get 8 of them for free, I see no reason in goading others to get them for me, even if it is for a holiday.

          Here is a quick list, though, if you don’t mind getting ’em via my blog’s comments! :)

          * A New American Standard Bible (1995 ed.) — I have the ’77, but would like the update; any binding, including hardback, is fine. I ain’t picky.

          * Sean Watkins’ album “Blinders On.” — I’m not for sure what genre it would be under, but you can check it out for yourself at

          * Books by James White: Pulpit Crimes,, The Forgotten Trinity, The Potter’s Freedom, or The God Who Justifies. I’ve seen White’s books at both regular and Christian book stores, but the books probably border on obscurity.

          * John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion.

          * Copies of either the Westminster Confession of the Faith or the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith.

          * Just about any books by R.C. Sproul, excepting Getting the Gospel Right, which I have.

          And of course, there’s always the gift cards route. (Actually, that list was a bit easier to come up with than I thought…)

          Also, Mandy has sent me a list of ideas you had sent to her, if she didn’t tell ya.

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