A Rumored 500% Ammo Tax and Its Effect on the Economy

Today at work, where I still maintain a tiny degree of credibility ;), I sold to two customers nearly $400 worth of ammunition. While working through gathering all the ammo, I overheard the customers talking among themselves about their expectations of Barack Obama, namely that he would work toward something like a 500% tax on ammunition, which was why they were stocking up now.

A short while later, it occurred to me… Whether or not Obama has ever talked about wanting to heavily tax ammunition, I couldn’t say (although it turns out he has mentioned it in the past), but that it was rumored he would tax ammo was causing people to buy, buy, buy.

Get a rumor going that an item will be taxed (or worse, outlawed!), and people will buy ’em like they’re going out of style.

Well played, Obama. We want people buying with real money.

What we don’t want is people relying on the government’s money tree to bail them out. The difference is that while companies may be bailed out now, sooner or later we’re going to have to pay for it via more taxes. And then not only will we be paying for the poor on welfare and other government programs, but we’ll also be paying for the multi-billion dollar corporations as well.

Disclaimer: I work at Walmart; standard disclaimers apply.

2 thoughts on “A Rumored 500% Ammo Tax and Its Effect on the Economy”

  1. It’s funny, I was talking with my Dad today asking him how much ammo we had. Thinking of stocking up on more if the 500% ammo tax is legit

    And if the tax is legit then a HUGE blackmarket will errupt.

    1. That was another one of my thoughts. Once you unreasonably tax items — or outlaw them — then the black markets will grow like wildfires.

      I was talking to someone earlier today and remarked that Obama should be fully aware of what happens when prohibitions are instituted, if he’s at all familiar with history (Chicago’s in particular). It didn’t work with alcohol, the dems tell us that it won’t work with abortion (fair enough), and it definitely won’t work with munitions, especially when that one is so obviously a constitutional issue.

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