Where’s the Hope in All This Change?

You’d think being President of the United States and overseer of General Motors would be enough for Obama, but evidently he may also get the ability to unilaterally shut down domestic use of the Internet.

Controlling corporations?

Controlling the Internet?

Well, I see change, but I can’t say there’s much hope in it.

It’s unbelievable how much you can get away with if you can wrap it up into eloquent little speeches. If Oprah, Joel Osteen, and any of countless others weren’t able to tickle the ears of their listeners, their whackadoo ideas wouldn’t have become as prolific as they now are. I’ve no doubt the same holds true for Barack Obama.

We’re so accustomed to voting for who looks the best or who sounds the best in America, we’ve gotten to the point where we do the same thing with our leaders, whether spiritual or national.

It’s funny… When the Bush administration passed the USA PATRIOT Act, liberals were quick to decry the government’s encroachment of personal privacy. Yet now that we have a liberal President, within just a couple of months of his inauguration he already has his hands in General Motors’ cookie jar and may very soon be able to cut you off the Internet for whatever he deems a big enough emergency.

Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but Obama gets to be its first king.

Note that in the future, the government may be snooping on your cyber activity, and your viewing this entry may flag you as being under suspicion of opposing The One. It’s no doubt too late for me, but for your safety, turn your computer off, back away, and forget you ever read this. Big Brother is watching.

5 thoughts on “Where’s the Hope in All This Change?”

  1. On Wednesday, April 1, Senators John Rockefeller (D-W. Va.) and Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) introduced legislation to “to establish the Office of the National Cybersecurity Advisor—an arm of the executive branch that would have vast power to monitor and control Internet traffic to protect against threats to critical cyber infrastructure.”


    Note that one of the sponsors is a Republican. Note that the bill has only been introduced. It is a long way from passing.

    Should it be met with outrage? Without knowing details, I would say yes.

    Would it be comparable to the Patriot Act in trampling our rights? Without knowing details, I would say yes.

    Has Obama come out in favor of this bill? I don’t find any evidence.

    Could we direct our outrage at the appropriate parties?

    Regarding GM, how has the governments handling of GM intruded upon your privacy? What would your alternative be? Let the company fail? Bail ’em out but with no conditions?

    And Obama has his hands on GM’s “cookie jar”?????!! Please note that he is putting cookies INTO the jar, not taking them out.

    1. I didn’t say anything about the people who introduced the bill — whether they are Republican or Democrat is of no concern; a bad idea is a bad idea.

      And you’re right, we’re not really sure how Obama will meet the bill — whether it will be a promised veto or if it’ll be allowed to slide on through… Pending, of course, its getting the necessary support from other legislators.

      My outrage isn’t pointed at any parties but more about the potentiality of what this bill would allow.

      Finally, maybe “hands in the cookie jar” is not the right expression; feel free to mentally replace it with whatever expression best suits Obama’s administration having control over General Motors payroll, employment, prices, warranty guarantees, and so on.

    2. Olympia Snow from Maine is a RINO. She might as well join the dark side.

      Failing business have options, mainly chapter 11 bankruptcy. It isn’t the government’s job to prop up a massive failure like GM and all the other putrid union-run welfare centers, period. But that’s the president’s and congress’ constituency so they’ll save their jobs while demonizing the executives.

  2. Just a quick idea… what if like schools, which once were organic institutions of the community, the government is attempting to control the internet so that they can make similar impositions as they have on schools. No religion. No freedom of speech. No honesty. ? That is scary.

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