Waiting for Tonight (Whoa-oh-oh!)

Last night, I had an amazing dream. A two-parter adventure that felt less like an ordinary dream and more like a roller coaster along which I was being pulled.

The details are fading quickly, but the dream began in what seemed to be a dystopian, nearly black-and-white world. My friends/associates/comrades/family/whoever-they-were and I were on the run, our crime was apparently bringing color into the world. Explosions we caused would create starbursts of rainbows on nearby surfaces. Floods from overturned water towers washed away the gray and left in the wake of the water glorious, shining gradients of the most beautiful colors.

It was exhilarating not just to see, but for every new swath of color, I felt invigorated, quickened. It was thrilling, and admittedly, I’m not sure why. Ha.

Somewhere along running through the city, we found ourselves in a very large — or at least very labyrinthine, building.

Therein, I was alone; we must have split up, voluntarily or forcefully, I don’t know. Every room was very different, unnervingly so. And I seem to recall my ex-wife’s family, or at least her father, trying to find their way through this place as well.

The details of the rooms encountered in this place have largely faded. I only remember the room which caused me to wake up. There was no furniture in this room, nor did there seem to be any exit once I entered therein.

What the room did have was dozens of crosses, arranged every which way on all of the walls and the ceiling, some standing straight out from the wall. Perhaps this is somehow related to my ex-wife’s family being present — at one point, my wife had decorated a portion of our living room wall with many little decorative crosses of diverse styles.

But what jarred me out of the dream was the sense of foreboding that came from that room. The crosses did not inspire religious devotion or adoration. There was no reverence, no peace, no forgiveness. All I felt was the realization that I was surrounded by torturous execution devices, as if I had walked into a room and found myself below a dozen guillotines.

I really wish I could have stayed asleep to explore that construct further.

Maybe tonight.

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