The Death Penalty, this Friday

Tomorrow (9/22), myself and a few others will be gathering in #Brethren to discuss the death penalty and what the biblical position concerning it is.

The discussion is sure to be interesting, and anyone is welcome to take part. If you need a connection tutorial, we have one. By the end of the night, we hope everyone involved will have learned something new about the death penalty, whether minds are changed or not.

I’m not going to say here whether I advocate it or not, but suffice it to say we should have people there who advocate both for and against it. If you take a middle ground, you’re welcome too. And if you know someone who is passionate about the subject, spread the word!

Disclaimer: But bear in mind we will be seeking a biblical conclusion. In a Sola Scriptura worldview, there is little room for unauthoritative opinions and feelings. That isn’t to say you can’t express them, but don’t expect to change minds with them.

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