The Banning of “Christmas”

it is no secret that many mainstream retailers are more and more choosing to broaden their holiday appeal by shunning the word “Christmas” in favor of the inclusive “holiday” or “season.”

In the interest of political correctness and tolerance, perhaps their approach is the way to go.

Many Christians, however, were having none of that, and fought to get some retailers (such as Target) to relent on the word ban. We haven’t had that problem at Wal-mart, yet, and though the commercials use the inclusive “Home for the Holidays” tagline, I just read a notice from home office saying that we are free to use whatever holiday greeting that we want, including “Merry Christmas.” That’s all well and good, but…

What’s in a name? “Christmas” seems harmless enough–“the celebration of Christ.” And though I’m all for the dissolution of the holiday, for me and many other Christians, everyday is “Christmas,” though without all the empty fuss of the December festival.

And to we who celebrate Christ daily, His name is precious. In fact, I can state with certainty that His is a name above all names, a name the sound of which every knee will someday bow. “Jesus Christ is the Lord,” will fall from the lips of every man. At His name, Satan cowers. At His name, sinners become saints. At His name, the doors of Heaven have been opened. All who will call upon His name shall be saved. His name. The precious name of Jesus Christ.

What’s in a name? For the world, there is hope… love… peace… and an acceptance that no amount of politically correct tolerance can make up for. In His name is truth, and answer to every question that matters. And in His name is life… A life eternal which none other could provide for us.

So why would they want to ban His glorious name? We know His name offends–it did 2,000 years ago and it will 2,000 years from now if He has tarried His return for that long. His name is exclusive. All power and authority in Heaven and in Earth have been given unto Him. It doesn’t take a mathematician to realize how much power that leaves Allah, Buddha, Krishna, or Santa. And I’d much rather offend an idol than the one who hath power to destroy the soul.

In January, Merry Christmas. In March, Merry Christmas. In July, Merry Christmas.

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