Deep Fried Idolatry

It would almost be fun­ny if it weren’t true… but.… 

It seems odd to me to hold in esteem an idol of Jesus that does­n’t have not only eyes and ears, but it lacks arms and legs as well.

The Lord con­demned idols of stone and wood, point­ing out that they are blind, dumb, and deaf. Sor­ry to say, but so is that Funyun.

And I must point out that Fun­yuns are gross. kthnxbai.

2 thoughts on “Deep Fried Idolatry”

  1. That Mize fel­low needs to clean out his car more often. I agree too, Fun­yons ARE gross. So are Corn­Nuts, I can’t under­stand why any­one would eat those unless they were des­per­ate­ly hun­gry. But that’s just me. :-D

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Rick Beckman