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I’ve been so excited about OpenWord lately that I haven’t had the desire to come up with anything to post here. I guess that’ll be the price I pay as OpenWord gets off the ground and becomes self-sustaining and self-expansive (well, via other members, anyway). I’ve a lot of great ideas for the project which are slowly fleshing out, but there is no way I will be able to author an entire Christian encyclopedia on my own, short of copying articles verbatim from non-free encyclopedias (which, of course, won’t happen).

So what’s new?

  • Alicia has a job now, which is a nice blessing. Currently it’s only part time, ~10 hours a week, but it will be significantly more come January. The pay isn’t bad, and the job isn’t difficult. The extra income is sure to come in handy and will definitely make saving to buy a house less painful.
  • My job isn’t getting any easier as Christmas draws nearer. The freight just keeps piling up, and both Kristen (my primary help in toys) and Kim (my immediate superior) are a bit worried about what we’re going to do with all it. “It’ll sell,” I keep telling them. I only wish our buyers at home office would lay off the ordering for a while. That’d be great.
  • I’ve given more thought than usual to applying for the management training program at work. The irregular hours & the uncertainty of being relocated to wherever are definite negatives, but the pay increase would be substantially helpful. If you pray, could you make this a matter of prayer on my behalf? Thanks.
  • My car is dying the death. Or, rather, the rear left suspension is. Driving today, I noticed the suspension go from bad (a knocking sound) to worse (a louder, deeper thumping sound which could actually be felt). So I’ll be having my car repaired come Monday. So very glad we still have plenty of savings from our wedding gifts, but I was really hoping I could put off having it worked on until tax refund and work bonus time.
  • I’m considering upgrading my hosting package for my websites. Currently everything resides on a $59.95/month virtual dedicated server. That’s well and good, but I’d like more control over the server, with more room for growth. So I’m considering a $69/month real dedicated server. For those of you who may think, “How can he afford that?” Well, sometimes I wonder that myself, but it has never been an issue. My faith has been in God to provide for this site since day 1.
  • WordPress is ever nearing the release of 2.0 Final, and is already in release candidate stages. Version 2 RC 1 is what powers the Watchtower, and I must say, everything is shaping up very, very nicely. A beautiful program gets even better. And not to be impatient, but I do wish version 3 of phpBB would hurry up and get here.

2 thoughts on “Various Updates”

  1. CM… Glad we finally agree on something. :) :)

    No, I didn’t design the site. I know PHP/mySQL to some extent, but I’d be hardpressed to develop a simple guestbook, let alone a full-featured wiki. No, OpenWord is powered by the excellent MediaWiki software, which powers the various Wikimedia Foundation projects, one of which is possibly the world’s largest user-created general encyclopedia, the Wikipedia.

    I’m eventually going to customize the design of the site to taste, but right now I’m focusing on content rather than style.

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