two men and two women wearing matching shirts at work for Halloween

I’m a Slacker: Photographic Evidence

It isn’t every day that I get to go to work in my paja­mas, so thank good­ness for Hal­loween! All four of us planned in advance to be mod­el slack­ers today, and you can tell I did­n’t even comb my hair (well, what lit­tle hair I have — that’s me in the back).

Work’s nev­er been more comfortable.





2 responses to “I’m a Slacker: Photographic Evidence”

  1. Fellow Slacker Avatar
    Fellow Slacker

    How cute and com­fy do we look? :D

    1. Rick Beckman Avatar

      Got­ta think of some­thin’ even bet­ter to out-do our­selves next Hal­loween. :D

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Rick Beckman