Six Favorite Hymns

Just thought I’d share what I think my five favorite hymns are. I’m also not entirely sure what the community of the elect’s consensus is on just what a “hymn” is — and frankly, I doubt there is a consensus. The dictionary that a hymn is a song of praise or thanksgiving to God. Good enough for me! So without further ado, here are (some of) my favorite hymns, in no particular order:

  • “Blessed Be Your Name” — Perhaps a little cliché, but I love this song’s emphasis on praising God even when we’re going through tough spots, even when our life seems empty. Truly, Yahweh is the God who gives & takes away, and blessed is His name.
  • “All Fall Down” — A wonderful song of praise by the group MercyMe. “My soul finds rest and comfort from only You…” Oh, if the elect would but live that!
  • “Above All” — This song, I believe, was written by Paul Baloche and is fairly recent, but the song gives such high praise & glory to Christ that I couldn’t exclude it from this list. “Above all wonders this world has ever known” is our Lord Jesus Christ. May He be honored as such in the lives of the elect.
  • “When I Survey (the Wondrous Cross)” — A simply amazing song not only in praise of Christ but also in thanksgiving for the sacrifice of the Cross. “Love so amazing — so divine — demands my soul, my life, my all.” Unspeakably true.
  • “O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus” — Such a solemn song and a reminder of how often we take for granted the infinite, immutable love of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • “Wondrous Love” — For as simple as this song is, it is hauntingly solemn. I cannot fathom what love it was which compelled Christ to willingly lay down His life at Calvary, doing so knowing full well that He was dying for sinners, for people who deserved nothing short of the fury of God’s wrath. For such undeserving people, Jesus Christ suffered and died. What wondrous, ineffable love.

This list could easily grow to the point where you wouldn’t want to finish reading it; there are just so many wonderful songs written about Jesus Christ. He is worthy of them and so many more. I invite you to share some of your favorites in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Six Favorite Hymns”

  1. Hahaha! Great list, we sing a lot of those songs at church. I like them enough, but I’m a little iffy on calling them hymns. :D

    To me, a hymn was written before 1940 and can only properly be played by an organ.

    Mostly everything else becomes a contemporary worship song. That’s just the way I divide it up in my mind, though.


  2. Have you ever heard of the band 3 Driven Nails? They’re fairly new. They only have one CD out, “My Name.” They have great songs on their. I’d give them a look if you are interested.

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