Santa Claus: The Universalist

In all of the anti-Santa propaganda and teachings I’ve ever read, I’ve never seen this bit of Santa lore even mentioned… In the song “Here Comes Santa Claus” (lyrics), it is sung that, “Santa knows we’re all God’s children / That makes everything right.”
Really? We’re all God’s children? Certainly more than Christians spread the Claus mythos. And still, we’re all God’s children?

I can name right now those who are said to be sons/daughters/children of God in the Scriptures. Would you believe that it doesn’t include “all”? Adam & Eve were children of God, created sinless. Angels fit the bill, for they were sinless at creation. The nation of Israel as a nation was created sinless and thus its citizens were the “children of God,” despite individual sins and an individual lack of sonship. Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God. And believers in Christ are God’s children, having received the adoption of sons by grace through faith.

So even if everything else about Santa is good (it isn’t). Even if he wasn’t a blatant copy of Christ (which he is). Even if he was the greatest saint who ever lived (it isn’t). Even if he ever lived at all (he hasn’t)… Santa is a universalist, which is diametrically opposed to the gospel, the truths of Scripture, and the character and nature of Jesus Christ our God.

We’re all certainly given the chance to become a child of God. Simply believe and accept the free gift of salvation provided for you by Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection.

But if you accept what Santa accepts–that we’re all God’s children and we don’t have to do anything to be so–you will have missed the narrow way, never have found the gate, and would have gone down the broad road to destruction.

The doctrines/religion of Santa Claus is dangerous and unscriptural. My siblings in Christ, if you or your church support this mythology, be aware that it is no different than a church hanging up pictures of Zeus or Thor once a year and celebrating their deeds.

Paganism has no place in the lives of Christians, nor is there any excuse under Heaven which would make up for it, and only the shed blood of Christ can atone for it (just as it can for any and all sins, praise God!).

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