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Just a heads up to any phpBB3-using webmasters out there: I’m compiling a list of of phpBB3 Search Engine Optimization Tips if you would like to tweak your way to better Google or Yahoo! rankings. Your feedback on the list of tips is welcome in its topic, and you’re welcome to share even more.

I’m still not done adding all of the tweaks in use on my board, and I’m hoping that I can continue to discover (either on my own or via others’ recommendations) new ways to improve phpBB3’s SEO state.

2 thoughts on “phpBB3 SEO Tips”

  1. I’m very interested to see what you’ve come up with! It’s always a bit difficult to dig up SEO tips online without running into people trying to sell you something. I’d love to hear real tips from a real person. I’ve been considering switching over to phpbb3, but a few mods to my phpbb2 are a little too important to just trash, so I’m waiting for the phpbb3 counterparts to be released (the main one is in beta now).

    I think if the SEO was much, much better and simpler with phpBB3, that may give me a bit of a push to hurry and get the switch over with.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. James: I’ve lost a bit of steam with this, unfortunately. I keep trying, but getting excited about phpBB 3 isn’t nearly as easy as getting excited about phpBB 2, upon which I would spend hours upon hours tweaking away at things.

    phpBB 3 does not seem as inviting, which is unfortunate. Heh, maybe my time would be better spent optimizing phpBB 2 and keeping it alive in the hearts of those who love it… Not that that would do me any good — downgrading is probably not possible.

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