People Are Basically Good, Decent

Here is some more pop the­ol­o­gy for you, this time regard­ing the nature of man; it comes to you from the 2007 hor­ror film The Mist.

Aman­da Dumfries
You don’t have much faith in human­i­ty, do you?
Dan Miller
None what­so­ev­er.
Aman­da Dumfries
I can’t accept that. Peo­ple are basi­cal­ly good, decent. My God, David, we’re a civ­i­lized society.
David Dray­ton
Sure, as long as the machines are work­ing and you can dial 9−1−1, but you take those things away, you throw peo­ple in the dark, you scare the **** out of them… No more rules.


Ollie Weeks
As a species we’re fun­da­men­tal­ly insane. Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dream­ing up ways to kill one anoth­er. Why do you think we invent­ed pol­i­tics and religion?

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