Monday Miscellany ed. 3

I should thank The Inter­net for keep­ing me up-to-date on the goings on over in Iran over the past few days. The main­stream media have good com­pa­ny when it comes to being silent on the mat­ter, though. Still, I’ll hand it to CNN, who had the sto­ry cov­ered… via user-sub­mit­ted con­tent. The agency itself was much more con­cerned with report­ing that hun­dreds of thou­sands of peo­ple were whin­ing about their tele­vi­sions fail­ing to per­form in the new dig­i­tal age. Please pray for the Ira­ni­ans. Events such as this serve to reveal beyond ques­tion the world’s need of a Sav­ior, of our con­stant need for the Gospel.

For all you Web-heads (blog­gers, not Spi­der­man fans… Well, them too!), The­sis 1.5.1 was released a few days ago fea­tur­ing a num­ber of improve­ments, new fea­tures, and per­for­mance enhance­ments. Most impor­tant­ly, v1.5.1 allows The­sis to play nice­ly with Word­Press 2.7–2.8, two major ver­sions of Word­Press awe­some­ness with which you can use Thesis. 

On that sub­ject, Chris & I have all sorts of great ideas for the future of The­sis. Don’t you wor­ry ’bout that well dry­ing up any­time soon. :D

A friend of mine (hi, Glen) rec­om­mend­ed A. W. Bullinger’s study Bible to me; well, I did­n’t get the Bible, but I did order two of Bullinger’s books. Cur­rent­ly, I’m read­ing The Wit­ness of the Stars, which I’m find­ing fas­ci­nat­ing. Bullinger traces the ear­li­est his­to­ry of zodi­a­cal obser­va­tion and relates it the the wit­ness of the Scrip­tures, which more than once speak of the tes­ti­mo­ny of the stars. My opin­ion thus far? Bullinger was either a cer­ti­fied genius or an authen­tic wacko.

And if you got that ref­er­ence, then I’ve no doubt that you, like me, are eager­ly await­ing this!

Final­ly took the time to watch the Google Wave pre­view in its entire­ty. Set aside an hour & twen­ty to immerse your­self in the future of online com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Google has tak­en the best parts of e‑mail, mes­sage boards, blog­ging, col­lab­o­ra­tive doc­u­ment cre­ation, wikis, instant mes­sag­ing, and even Pow­Wow (the best chat pro­gram I have ever used, and it’s been unavail­able for years) to an extent. Are you pre­pared to ride the Wave?

Dad’s blog is tak­ing off nice­ly, which is awe­some. His most recent post, Sci­ence and Reli­gion, is inter­est­ing. I like the part about sci­ence being unable to prove that the uni­verse did­n’t actu­al­ly begin just a few hours ago. I’d like to add that it takes a lot of faith to believe that the uni­verse is bil­lions upon bil­lions of years old when it could just as well be 6,000–10,000 years old, cre­at­ed with the appear­ance of age. Grant­ed, it takes faith to believe that as well.

In the time it took me to write the above para­graph, a new entry popped up on Dad’s site. Amaz­ing. I should point out it’s spelled “Wal­mart.” No hyphen, just one capital. ;)

The local city park has announced that begin­ning very soon, they will be pro­vid­ing free wi-fi access. I know I should­n’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but the ser­vice is being pro­vid­ed by these guys. It’s been a while since com­ing across a site that bro­ken. Can any­one else get any con­tent to pull up? Still, per­haps this will be the incen­tive I need to hit the park more often. Now all I need is a Fris­bee fly­ing disk.

If you’ve not seen Up yet, I high­ly sug­gest it. Adults may even enjoy it more than younger chil­dren do. Pixar touched on a num­ber of “grown-up” themes with this film, includ­ing death. Kids may not get it — and per­haps that’s a good thing — but you will. It may be wise to take a few tis­sues along.

So what’s been on your mind and radar this past week?

10 thoughts on “Monday Miscellany ed. 3”

  1. Piano Lessons

    Isn’t it amaz­ing that the peo­ple of Iran are will­ing to die for their free­dom and we in the USA are giv­ing it away to Com­rade Obama.

  2. The free­dom to own bonds in a major Corp. with­out the gov­ern­ment tak­ing it and giv­ing own­er­ship to the UAW … The free­dom to speak out against a repres­sive gov­ern­ment and actu­aly be heard through our
    State Owned Media … The free­dom to prac­tice my reli­gion with­out the gov­ern­ment telling me where and when I can wor­ship God (If I am Muslem it is OK) … The free­dom to have my chil­dren edu­cat­ed prop­er­ly with­out hav­ing to pay for gov­ern­ment run schools .…

    Shall I continue ?????

  3. “The free­dom to own bonds in a major Corp. with­out the gov­ern­ment tak­ing it and giv­ing own­er­ship to the UAW”

    And that free­dom is in what foun­da­tion­al document?

    “The free­dom to speak out against a repres­sive government…”

    You can’t? And what has Oba­ma done to restrict it?

    “Shall I continue ?????”

    Well, I would pre­fer you make sense of the state­ments you’ve already made before you con­tin­ue. You are free to do what­ev­er you want.

    “…and actu­aly be heard through our State Owned Media”

    I’m not sure I under­stand this. Which media does the state own? Banks, car com­pa­nies, but media?

    “The free­dom to prac­tice my reli­gion with­out the gov­ern­ment telling me where and when I can wor­ship God”

    Real­ly? Where can you not prac­tice your reli­gion? And how is Oba­ma responsible?

    “The free­dom to have my chil­dren edu­cat­ed prop­er­ly with­out hav­ing to pay for gov­ern­ment run schools ….”

    And the free­dom to not pay for schools is in what foun­da­tion­al doc­u­ment? When did you have this free­dom? And, again, what does Oba­ma have to do with your “loss”?

  4. The free­dom to edu­cate you chil­dren apart from gov­ern­ment-spon­sored/­sub­si­dized/what­ev­er schools is still out there. Some states — Indi­ana, for exam­ple — are very lenient on home school­ers. There’s no test to take to deter­mine if you are a qual­i­fied home school teacher, there’s no pre­de­ter­mined or required cur­ricu­lum, and there’s pret­ty much no state inter­fer­ence what­so­ev­er. I’m pret­ty sure the only require­ment is that home schools oper­ate at least as long (180 days, I believe) as the pub­lic schools do. This, of course, allows home schools the free­dom to oper­ate *more* than pub­lic schools, allow­ing for teach­ing of civics, how to behave in soci­ety, and so on. Too bad they don’t, the pub­lic schools hav­ing already set a bad exam­ple on that one.

    Piano Lessons, are you say­ing that you would actu­al­ly be will­ing to die over those issues you men­tioned? If so, I think you’re will­ing to throw your life away far too eas­i­ly, my friend.

  5. Rick,

    You are miss­ing the end of his post. “with­out hav­ing to pay for gov­ern­ment run schools ….”

    Piano Lessons com­plaint seems to be with hav­ing to pay tax­es to sup­port pub­lic schools even if he or she isn’t send­ing their chil­dren to them.

  6. Piano Lessons

    Looks like I have start­ed a dis­cus­sion based on the con­sti­tu­tion, or what’s left of it.
    First we need to know why we even have a con­sti­tu­tion. It isn’t for the rea­sons that a lot of peo­ple seem to believe. Our con­sti­tu­tion was nev­er a list of rights GIVEN to us by our gov­ern­ment. It was a list of rights giv­en to us by our God, and rec­og­nized by our then gov­ern­ment of and by the peo­ple. In response to Senior and Rick Beck­man, Oba­ma isn’t to blame to our loss of free­dom. He is just anoth­er in a long line of Com­mu­nists in our gov­ern­ment deter­mined to destroy what is left of our con­sti­tu­tion. The con­sti­tu­tion was put in place to pro­tect us from an oppres­sive gov­ern­ment, and our ham­mer to guar­an­tee that it was enforced was our right to keep and BEAR arms, and a well armed militia(the Nation­al Guard) which was sup­posed to be under the con­trol of the indi­vid­ual states. Well .… lets see how that has evolved over time. First of all , in vio­la­tion of the con­sti­tu­tion, you can no longer BEAR arms unless you are lucky enough to live in a state that will charge you a FEE (tax) and GIVE you the so-called right to bear arms in a con­cealed way. And even then you bet­ter be care­ful or you will land in jail. Sec­ond of all, Our Nation­al Guard is under the con­trol of the Fed­er­al Gov­ern­ment: kind of like the “fox guard­ing the hen house” . 

    As far as my right to wor­ship my God as I see fit … The best exam­ples I can give are in our gov­ern­ment run schools. Chil­dren are being per­se­cut­ed every day in that failed insti­tu­tion for sim­ply try­ing to say a prayer, or wear a T‑shirt depict­ing some reli­gious mean­ing. Yet that same insti­tu­tion will bend over back­ward to guar­an­tee the rights of oth­er stu­dents to wear T‑shirts depict­ing any­thing from drug use to porn and noth­ing is said. The uni­ver­si­ties on Michi­gan and Min­neso­ta have even installed foot wash­ing basins for Mus­lim students. 

    Unless the gov­ern­ment gets out of the busi­ness of reg­u­lat­ing how and when we can wor­ship God, we should not have to pay for “free­dom FROM religion” .

    Next top­ic … when­ev­er you are ready.

  7. “Oba­ma isn’t to blame to our loss of freedom”

    Please make up your mind. You were the one that seemed to be blam­ing him: “we in the USA are giv­ing it away to Com­rade Obama”.

    “He is just anoth­er in a long line of Communists”

    A long line of com­mu­nists?? Real­ly? Who? Do you under­stand the def­i­n­i­tion of com­mu­nism? I can actu­al­ly under­stand the rea­son­ing behind some­one call­ing Oba­ma a com­mu­nist. There are actu­al facts to sup­port such a label (but I sus­pect the his­to­ry of his full term will not be so supportive). 

    As for the gun issue. As far as I know, any law abid­ing cit­i­zen in this coun­try can acquire and keep a gun. If there is a place where you can­not do that, then I sup­port your effort to change it. As for hav­ing to pay fees, etc. I don’t have an issue with that and you get no sym­pa­thy from me on that front. If you real­ly want more lenient gun laws, I would sug­gest that you sup­port drug legal­iza­tion. Most gun vio­lence is a result of the drug war. Less gun vio­lence would lead to less pub­lic sup­port for gun laws.

    As to the reli­gion issue. It sounds to me like you are not com­plain­ing about a lack of abil­i­ty to pray, but rather a lack of abil­i­ty to shove your faith in my face. As a non-chris­t­ian, I can tell you that many Chris­tians feel it their duty to try and “save” me. It gets tir­ing. It’s not that I see a prob­lem with a child wear­ing cloth­ing that depicts a reli­gious mean­ing, but I’d be a lot more sup­port­ive if it was­n’t for the con­stant evan­ge­liz­ing from many Chris­tians. Also, if you allow a cross, then you have to allow the images a Satanist would put on his or her shirt.

    Any child that wants to sit at his or her desk and qui­et­ly pray is free to do so. How would any­one know?

    When eval­u­at­ing the gov­ern­ments atti­tude towards reli­gion, it might help to imag­ine how a giv­en atti­tude would man­i­fest itself if the major­i­ty of the pop­u­la­tion was Mus­lim. Two hun­dred years from now it might be.

    As for dis­play of porn and drug use I am not a fan of that either. Pub­lic schools in Mar­i­on have insti­tut­ed uni­forms. So appar­ent­ly it can be stopped.

    So, I still don’t see where the gov­ern­ment has infringed on your rights. Sorry.

  8. I was just going to say I could­n’t bring up YDi­al con­tent either but.…Rich you always seem to be able to say what I don’t have the words to put togeth­er to say :)

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