Links for Thursday, October 18, 2007

  • 100 Truths in 30 Years with Christ — Dan Edelen shares 100 things which he has learned over the course of his Christian life. This is a great list, and I’m recommending all my readers go check it out. I’ll not say I agree with the list 100%, but it’s darn close. I choke on #42, which says the Holy Spirit shows up only when He’s invited. I believe that people only seek the Spirit if the Spirit has already regenerated them and granted them faith; otherwise, there are none — no, not one! — who seek after God.
  • Random Thoughts from Gordan Runyan about being a pastor of a Southern Baptist church. I’d say they hold equally true for independent, fundamental Baptist churches as well, though I can’t speak as one having experience as a pastor of such a church. Regardless, they are great observations… err, random thoughts.
  • Individualism & Christianity: A Personal Relationship with Jesus — It has always been a pet peeve of mine when people claim to not understand the Scriptures, but shrug it off because they have “a personal relationship with Jesus.” I find such rhetoric hard to believe simply because the fruit of such claims is typically their “personal relationship” is one which doesn’t match anything found within God’s Word. Joshua A. Hitchcock in “Individualism & Christianity…” briefly explorers such “personal relationships” with a “personal Savior.”
  • All Needing Something — Amy Scott weighs in on the blessings of having a large family (she currently has five, with another still in utero) as well as how she manages as a mother of almost-six.

2 thoughts on “Links for Thursday, October 18, 2007”

  1. Ah, so you were referring to the believers’ (often abused) ability to quench the Spirit, then, leaving Christ on the door step, knocking & desiring to come back into our midst?

    ‘Cause if that’s the case, I can agree with your #42 completely, and thanks for commenting!

  2. Rick,

    Thanks for the link to my post on the 100 truths I’ve learned in 30 years.

    As to your comment, #42 is only meant to work within the household of faith. The problem is the Holy Spirit isn’t always welcome in some of our churches. He has the tendency to shake things up and the last thing some of our churches wish to deal with is a shaken up church. They prefer everything exactly like it is, thank you very much! So they roll up the Spirit’s red carpet and bar the door.

    A true shame.

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