Jesus on a Pot

So the supposed face of Jesus appears on a pot on the island of Cozumel, and the natives pray to it. I’m curious if it would be just as sound to ask political advice from a potato shaped like J. Edgar Hoover…

Turning to the Bible and away from idolatrous zeal, we find that the Lord God Almighty abhors the worship of images and asks us to pray to Him, not to images of Him. Further, we find that we do not know what Jesus looks like, saving that He had no physical beauty, wore a beard for at least a while, likely had short hair as did the vast majority of men at the time, and likely would have been of a dark complexion.

That’s a far cry from the long-haired, handsome, sometimes effeminate, caucasion Jesus you see in all the art work and images of (especially) the Roman Catholic Church…

To worship God, we must do so in spirit and in truth; idols don’t cut it. Images won’t help us. And even if a voice from Heaven tells us differently, we are to obey the Bible, trusting its words above all others.

Let this news story be evidence for those who feel that they may be called to be an evangelist but aren’t quite sure that they are needed… You are needed! Idol-worshippers in and out of Christendom die and go to Hell daily. Snatch them away from the fire, hating even the garment spotted therein.

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