“Jesus Conspiracies”, a dime a dozen?

Is it possible to go a month without hearing a new hair-brained idea about the earthly life and ministry of Jesus?

Dan Brown, now almost a household name, opened the floodgates with his work of fiction, The Da Vinci Code, which echoed the sentiment of a heavy metal (!) album I once owned, stating that Jesus’ did not die on the cross but rather escaped, married Mary Magdalene, and had children. Blah blah blah, blah blah, conspiracy, blah blah, profit.

Now I see on a news website that some scholars believe Jesus had an earthly father, a Greek soldier named Pantera (eek, another heavy metal connection).

Scholars seem to enjoy pointing to documents which date to one to two hundred (or more) years after Christ’s death and say, “Look, that’s what the evidence says! Jesus was just a man…” If this is science, then call me opposed to it.

When Christians point to eye-witness testimonies or second-hand accounts which can be dated to within a few years (at most forty) years after Christ’s ascension into Heaven, the so-called intelligent of the world scoff and say that time had passed and that rumors turned into legends and men wrote it down and that’s what we have. But they seem more than willing to go to documents written hundreds of years later (apparently rumors stopped spreading then?) and call that “possible truth.”

Nevermind the fact that the true Scriptures were not authored by men but were inspired & preserved by the Almighty Himself. But I honestly don’t expect the same intellentsia who says it’s okay to murder if you call it “abortion” to believe in the self-evident, self-existent God of the nations. If a fool is one who says there is no God, truly, the wisdom of this world makes one foolish.

I know with surety that Jesus Christ rose from the dead because I can read the letters of men who walked with Him after He did so. I know with surety that Jesus Christ is in Heaven interceding and advocating for me because I can read the letters of men who seen it first hand.

Rather than putting together piecemeal “evidence” and the words of men and women several generations removed from Christ, place your faith in the words of the Lord, the words of the eyewitnesses of His glory. They will never lead you astray, and in knowing them, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the falsely-so-called scientists.

Dear brethren, be not dismayed with the God-hating news of this world. Jesus said that the world hates Him. And they will hate us for believing in Him. That is simple truth. Believe in Mohammed, Buddha, and Great-Granddaddy Babboon all you want, and you’ll be seen as enlightened, tolerant, loving and all sorts of other things. But if you trust in Jesus Christ (the true Jesus as portrayed in the Bible, not one of the countless counterfeits out there), you are sure to be labeled intolerant, a bigot, unintelligent, narrow-minded, backwards, and all manner of other things. Glory to God, your rewards will just be piling up in Heaven if you remain faithful through all of that!

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