“Jesus Conspiracies”, a dime a dozen?

Is it pos­si­ble to go a month with­out hear­ing a new hair-brained idea about the earth­ly life and min­istry of Jesus?

Dan Brown, now almost a house­hold name, opened the flood­gates with his work of fic­tion, The Da Vin­ci Code, which echoed the sen­ti­ment of a heavy met­al (!) album I once owned, stat­ing that Jesus’ did not die on the cross but rather escaped, mar­ried Mary Mag­da­lene, and had chil­dren. Blah blah blah, blah blah, con­spir­a­cy, blah blah, profit.

Now I see on a news web­site that some schol­ars believe Jesus had an earth­ly father, a Greek sol­dier named Pan­tera (eek, anoth­er heavy met­al connection).

Schol­ars seem to enjoy point­ing to doc­u­ments which date to one to two hun­dred (or more) years after Christ’s death and say, “Look, that’s what the evi­dence says! Jesus was just a man…” If this is sci­ence, then call me opposed to it.

When Chris­tians point to eye-wit­ness tes­ti­monies or sec­ond-hand accounts which can be dat­ed to with­in a few years (at most forty) years after Christ’s ascen­sion into Heav­en, the so-called intel­li­gent of the world scoff and say that time had passed and that rumors turned into leg­ends and men wrote it down and that’s what we have. But they seem more than will­ing to go to doc­u­ments writ­ten hun­dreds of years lat­er (appar­ent­ly rumors stopped spread­ing then?) and call that “pos­si­ble truth.”

Nev­er­mind the fact that the true Scrip­tures were not authored by men but were inspired & pre­served by the Almighty Him­self. But I hon­est­ly don’t expect the same intel­lentsia who says it’s okay to mur­der if you call it “abor­tion” to believe in the self-evi­dent, self-exis­tent God of the nations. If a fool is one who says there is no God, tru­ly, the wis­dom of this world makes one foolish.

I know with sure­ty that Jesus Christ rose from the dead because I can read the let­ters of men who walked with Him after He did so. I know with sure­ty that Jesus Christ is in Heav­en inter­ced­ing and advo­cat­ing for me because I can read the let­ters of men who seen it first hand.

Rather than putting togeth­er piece­meal “evi­dence” and the words of men and women sev­er­al gen­er­a­tions removed from Christ, place your faith in the words of the Lord, the words of the eye­wit­ness­es of His glo­ry. They will nev­er lead you astray, and in know­ing them, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the false­ly-so-called scientists.

Dear brethren, be not dis­mayed with the God-hat­ing news of this world. Jesus said that the world hates Him. And they will hate us for believ­ing in Him. That is sim­ple truth. Believe in Mohammed, Bud­dha, and Great-Grand­dad­dy Bab­boon all you want, and you’ll be seen as enlight­ened, tol­er­ant, lov­ing and all sorts of oth­er things. But if you trust in Jesus Christ (the true Jesus as por­trayed in the Bible, not one of the count­less coun­ter­feits out there), you are sure to be labeled intol­er­ant, a big­ot, unin­tel­li­gent, nar­row-mind­ed, back­wards, and all man­ner of oth­er things. Glo­ry to God, your rewards will just be pil­ing up in Heav­en if you remain faith­ful through all of that!






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Rick Beckman