Indiana Jones’ Fickle Faith

Anyone else ever notice that the Indiana Jones character at varying points in his career expresses belief in Judaic, Hindu, and Christian doctrines? The movies themselves point to at least some validity belonging to each of the three faiths — the Ark of the Covenant was truly powerful, the artifacts in India were quite mystical, and the Holy Grail was the key to eternal life (as an aside, the Holy Grail misses the point; Christ Himself, not His cup, is the Way to eternal life).

The fourth movie, which I saw earlier, no longer deals with religion as we typically think of it; religious idols turn out to be more than they appear, and we find out that an ancient Mayan civilization was in cahoots with an alien civilization which taught them various things, such as agriculture.

Has anyone else noticed this relativistic “more than one way to God” / “believe whatever, just be sincere” trend throughout the movies?

I will say, though, that the whole series is excellent, and the third is still by far my favorite (followed by 1, 4, then 2).

4 thoughts on “Indiana Jones’ Fickle Faith”

  1. Don’t know. I’ve never seen any Indiana Jones film. It’s a pity, I know. But I just haven’t. I’ve never seen the Matrix or the Terminator films, either.

    Either way, you don’t have to have seen these movies to know about the relativism that is so prevalent in Hollywood.

    On a side, but related, note, that’s why I stopped watching 7th Heaven. Although the movie is about a pastor and his family, they rarely ever mention Jesus Christ, His death on the Cross, or the fact that people need to repent if they are to be saved.

  2. Religious relativism was romanticized by Hollywood. In a way it’s smart. It allows people of any faith to plug and play their faith. This creates a stronger emotional evocation for the movie.

    btw I browse a lot on my Treo. You should use a browser detect to find mobiles, and stop the header image load and make the font style smaller…

    Latest from Brandon: Overcoming: The Craving

  3. It is good to see Indiana Jones not getting stuck on religious issues and take it a stride further in applying it into a storyline where the directors can make a good movie with out ostracizing any one group.

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