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Okay, I admit, this doesn’t affect you, my beloved readers, in any way. However, I wanted to point out that I just saved a bundle on my car insurance web hosting!

In celebration of their ten year anniversary, the greatest web host in the world (hosting such can’t-miss sites as, well, this one!) consolidated all of their shared hosting plans into just one, which they call the Happy Hosting plan.

Current customers are able to stick with their current plans or switch seamlessly to the new Happy Hosting plan.

Under my original plan (the “Code Monster” plan), I was essentially paying $15.95 per month, which was prepaid for two years. That’s $382.80 for all you mathematicians out there. If I were to pay monthly, it’d be $19.95 per month. Now, don’t get me wrong, for what the Code Monster plan offered, it was well worth it. I’m in no danger of ever running out of disk space even if I uploaded my entire music collection! Now, why I would do that, I don’t know; but it’s nice to know that there’s room enough to grow for as long as my sites exist!

It’s also nice to be able to provide free space to friends & family!

Those prices were the old plan, though. Enter the Happy Hosting plan! Now, paid monthly, I’m only being set back $10.95, which is a savings even compared to the discounted 2-year prepaid charge of the old plan! Greater savings can be had via prepayment on the new plan as well, which I may take advantage of in the future.

I just saved a bundle on my web hosting!

So I switched to Happy Hosting. But wait! I was already prepaid on the Code Monster plan up through the end of January 2008. Well, DreamHost being the awesome folks that they are, the “unused” portion of my prepayment was credited to my account. Now, under Happy Hosting, I’ve enough money in my account to last through to March before I need to worry about making payments. Awesome!

Okay, so that’s all well & good for me. Well, it can be good for you too if you sign up with ’em! Chances are, they’re just going to keep bettering themselves & their service, and that’ll work out for your good in time!

Your $10.95 per month gets you all this & more:

  • 500 gigabytes of storage space! For some perspective, that’s enough space to store around 730 CDs’ worth of music… at CD quality! Oh, and every week your account is open, your space allotment grows by 2 gigabytes! (I have over 610 gigabytes at this point!)
  • 5 terabytes of bandwidth! Okay, so you’ve uploaded your 730 albums? Well, there’s 500 gigabytes used. You’ll still be able to download each of the albums nine times (or one of them over 6,700 times)! And of course, for every week you’re with DreamHost, that allotment grows by 40 gigabytes!
  • Unlimited… databases, domains (one of which comes free!), FTP/shell users, email accounts, and more!
  • And so much more!

What are you waiting for? More incentive? Okay, how ’bout this? Use the promo code RB1DOMAIN when you sign up, and you’ll get an additional free domain registration for life! You’ll also receive a certain amount off your hosting plan, depending on how you pay (monthly or over various prepayment periods)! Enjoy!

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