Hello, World.

Nine years ago, I was baptized, casting off my old life and starting out on a life which I’ve been stumbling through ever since.

Throughout the years, websites I have worked upon have come & gone. I’ve met a lot of nice people; I’ve regretfully made enemies with others. And along the way, I’ve learned a lot.

Whereas I was once a staunch King James Onlyist entirely convinced of pretribulational dispensationalism while arguing the evils of both Calvinism & pure Arminianism, I now sit at a desk within range of several Bible versions I enjoy referencing, often while furthering my understanding of & belief in Calvinism while trying to make some sense of eschatology.

I’ve never been afraid to push the limits of orthodoxy; in some areas, I believe that I’ve shattered it. Frankly, orthodoxy is limiting. The Scriptures are too rich to be constrained to the common teachings of the historical churches.

It is for that reason why I blog. Too few people are doing any more than perpetuating ingrained tradition, misconception, or heresy; the majority do so ignorantly, unaware that they are in the slightest bit wrong. It is not my aim here to “attack” (though it will seem that way at times).

I simply feel that the truth is too important to not proclaim.

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