God Uses Judases

In doing a bit of tiny research for an as-of-yet unpublicized project, I found myself reading the list of the twelve apostles at the beginning of Matthew 10. We know that “apostle” is a term ascribed to those men who are called by God to represent Him to man. Strong defines it as “delegate” or “ambassador.”

In verse 4, Judas Iscariot is called an apostle. A man known by Christ to be a devil from the beginning. A man which verse 4 itself states betrayed Christ.

A man such as him God determined to use for His sake.

As briefly as I can say this: Whenever you think you are too bad to be used by God, ask yourself: “Is my sin greater than Judas’?”

If he, being a devil, was able to serve as an apostle, how much more so can you!

1 thought on “God Uses Judases”

  1. Not only does God use “Judases” but He uses the vilest of sinners.

    Moses was a murderer. Rahab was a prostitute. David, also a murderer, was an adulterer. Isaiah, a man of unclean lips. Matthew, a tax collecter. Peter rejected Christ. Paul was a blasphemer and murderer of the Church. I could go on if I really wanted to, but I need rest. My teeth don’t hurt yet, but I bet they will soon enough.

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