“American Pie”: An Intro to Ron Paul

4 thoughts on ““American Pie”: An Intro to Ron Paul”

    1. I know! I was looking forward to being able to buy rancid meat and drive crumbling interstates while our educational systems degrade into a free-for-all of whatever the prevailing religions of a state want it to be.

      For our children’s sake, may Ron Paul’s brand of libertarianism stay far away from the American government, now and for always.

        1. Take away government regulations and consequences for running unsafe factories or selling unsafe products, and yeah, we’ll see people getting sick far more regularly from food than we do already. Corporations are far more interested in cutting costs than spending even more to meet higher standards.

          Before federal regulations started being built up, food inspection was seen to be the purview of the consumer, not the government (“The Long Struggle for 1906 Law,” James H. Young, 2003). The problem with that is that it means the bad food is making it to the shelf and customers have to be able to recognize problems with *packaged* food prior to purchase. Government regulations ensure the food is checked prior to ending up on shelves, allowing consumers to shop with confidence far more often.

          Ron Paul wanted to eliminate every government regulatory unit, removing federal oversight from America’s industries.

          History has repeatedly shown that when that happens, people suffer.

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