A Quick Note

I don’t have any­thing to write about, but I want­ed to write some­thing: I love you all–you all rock! I start­ed track­ing vis­i­tor stats just about a week ago, and I am amazed–lots more vis­its than I had thought there would be. So, what are you expect­ing when you vis­it the site? What kind of con­tent do you want to see? (Yes, like your favorite radio sta­tions, I take requests.) I’m still toss­ing a few ideas to and fro as to what kind of con­tent I want to focus on. 

I could eas­i­ly fill this blog dai­ly with replies to what oth­ers have writ­ten online, cor­rect­ing what I under­stand to be error and admon­ish­ing toward the truth. I would great­ly enjoy that very much, but would my read­ers? I don’t write to be adver­sar­i­al or cause divi­sions, and I try to always be lov­ing and patient, but it seems like nowa­days cor­rect­ing some­one is seen as more hate­ful than killing some­one. (That would explain why Chris­tians hate hav­ing their doc­trines judged in light of the Scrip­tures [they love ecu­menism, not yield­ing to the truth] and also sup­port the wars of the world.)

Hmm, that prob­a­bly came off as adver­sar­i­al, did­n’t it? I hope not–it was­n’t meant to be. When I state obser­va­tions, I often do so quite blunt­ly. Writ­ing “I think this,” or “I feel this” before every obser­va­tion of mine is too tire­some, and of course they are my ideas and my thoughts if I’m the one writ­ing it. No need to pref­ace it, right? I blame Dad for this one. He nev­er should of told me about the paper he wrote in col­lege that he was accused of rip­ping off from a book or mag­a­zine, sim­ply because he wrote it with an author­i­ta­tive tone and not the “It may be,” “I think,” and oth­er “fuzzy” terms appar­ent­ly indica­tive of fresh­men work.

Okay, crit­i­cal­ly exam­ing oth­er sites, while out­ra­geous­ly enjoy­able on my part, may not make the best of blog con­tent if done very often (or does it? You tell me!). What about devo­tion­al con­tent? I enjoy writ­ing it, but often it always seems so “com­mon”: cliched and watered down. Noth­ing in the New Tes­ta­ment is as shal­low as some of the devo­tion­al books I have access to, and there real­ly should be a warn­ing label on those books to let us know that while they may pro­vide the spir­i­tu­al sus­te­nance need­ed by a new­born Chris­t­ian, those of us in love with the meati­er parts of the Word of God would­n’t get a whole lot out of the devo­tions. Like Paul, it isn’t pleas­ant to write in a dumb­ed down man­ner. He desired to be able to write unto church­es as if every­one there was already knowl­edge­able enough to teach oth­ers. I’d like to be able to make that assump­tion with my audi­ence as well, but I’m not sure that’d ever be pos­si­ble in such a freely acces­si­ble medium.

Maybe I should just start podcasting–I would love to–but one of my reg­u­lar read­ers (Hi, Dad!)–exists in a Space­Time anom­aly where com­put­er tech­nol­o­gy stopped improv­ing. Were the bulk of my con­tent in audio, I’d leave him in the dark, and I’m cer­tain­ly not going to do that until he secures a new­er com­put­er setup.

I real­ly should go lay down now. I worked all last night, and I’m quite tired. And I’m ram­bling. Am I ram­bling? I think I’m rambling.

I don’t even remem­ber why I start­ed this post, to be hon­est. And at least once while writ­ing the above, I for­got which blog this was. Los­ing men­tal coher­ence is def­i­nite­ly indica­tive of requir­ing that dear, sweet thing we know as sleep. And now I’m hun­gry. Oy.






2 responses to “A Quick Note”

  1. Glen Avatar

    awww I’m loved :) .…..very flat­tered :).….I like the cri­tique of oth­er sites. Cause there’s always peo­ple out there that would like some­thing answered. But the odd min­istry arti­cle or devo­tion­al or apolo­getic or some­thing, you’ve been enjoy­ing is great too. Maybe both?

  2. Senior Avatar

    I most enjoy the posts that track your spir­i­tu­al jour­ney. Often these are prompt­ed by oth­er sites, but often by some­thing that hap­pened to you in real life.

    You don’t have to con­stant­ly cri­tique oth­er sites (I do believe that would get tire­some), but you can react to oth­er sites (I was look­ing at blank.com and it occured to me that blanks are not all bad.….)

    Vari­ety is rarely bad.

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