A Circle of Friends

I ran into a friend I haven’t seen in quite a while today while I was at work. The fun­ny thing is that I remem­ber Haley most­ly as the younger sis­ter of my friend Mal­lo­ry. It’s fun­ny how things change. Well, she’s still Mal’s sis­ter, of course, but I just found out that Haley has been mar­ried for near­ly a year and has a beau­ti­ful baby son, Dewey.

You know, I kind of feel “out of the loop,” I guess, if that loop even exists any­more. When I first became involved in church–and for quite some time after my sal­va­tion as well–a whole bunch of us were pret­ty good friends. Admit­ted­ly, I some­times felt like a straggler–most of them knew each oth­er for their whole lives and I was the “new guy.” Regard­less of that, though, they are great peo­ple, and I’ve noth­ing but love for all of them, wher­ev­er they may be in their walk of life. Some of them I see, some of them I occa­sion­al­ly hear from, and oth­ers have seem­ing­ly van­ished from the face of this earth. So Stacey, Jen­nifer, Haley, Mal­lo­ry, Ash­ley, Sarah, Jonathan, Rebec­ca, Jonathan, Jason, Joe, Nik­ki, Tiffany, and every­one else who was with me through my infant years of faith, I love you all, and I hope that I will nev­er for­get you. If by chance any of you read this, drop me a line. I hope God has been good to all of you as He has been to me.

As far as I know, this circle–which for most of them includ­ed quite a few oth­er peo­ple who I nev­er got to know well, if at all–has pret­ty much bro­ken up, sad­ly. We’ve all grown up, some have got­ten mar­ried, and some have chil­dren now. It’s amazing.

But God has said that a friend loves at all times. There is much com­fort in that truth.

This post was post­ed in May of 2007, though it orig­i­nal­ly appeared on a pre­vi­ous blog. Its time stamp has been set to reflect that of the orig­i­nal post­ing, in keep­ing with the tem­po­ral nature of the first paragraph.

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Rick Beckman