Five Things Christians Get Wrong (About Their Own Religion)

Two-thousand years ago, a small religion popped up in the Middle East, inspired by Paul née Saul of Tarsus’ teachings about a man named Jesus.

Just as quickly, that religion died. It went extinct.

That’s not to say that “the faith” didn’t continue; rather, it rapidly evolved into something altogether different and incompatible with the original religion of Paul.

The traits which evolved are legion — encompassing everything from how Christians ought to live to nuances in what they are to believe — but I took a few moments to lay out what I consider to be the five biggest ways in which Christians get their own religion wrong.


Are You Ashamed of Jesus?

the Calvary crucifixion scene with text saying "I'm not ashamed of the One who saved my soul!"

What about that time Jesus got hungry and visited an out-of-season tree to find food, only to find no food, lose his cool, and kill the tree over it (Mark 11:12–14)? We’d be ashamed of any other adult that does that; don’t be so blinded by the titles given to Jesus that you let this sort of behavior pass!

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The Kingship of Jesus, A Meme

No Matter Who Is President, Jesus Is King

Here’s a meme which has been passed around in various forms and with various designs; I did a Google Images search for the text (“No matter who is president, Jesus is King.”), and the above version of the meme was the first result. There are two things I want to point out about this meme.

Observation the first, from a biblical POV

From a strictly biblical perspective, the meme is right! Christians are, biblically, citizens of an unearthly kingdom (Philippians 3:20), under the rule of Jesus, their king (1 Timothy 6:15).

So why, if the meme is technically biblically correct am I including this as a mindless meme? Well, do you actually know anyone who lives their life as if Jesus is their king?