Where Am I?

Eight days since my last post? Glad I didn’t add “blog more regularly” to my list of resolutions!

So, where have I been? Well, I have been spending my time on a brand new project of mine, which I am dubbing Timothy’s Burden. (Okay, my name isn’t Timothy… It’s a Bible reference, ‘kay?)
I wanted a place where I could blog Bible studies and things of that nature without mucking it up with personal affairs or material of other subjects (like technology or whatever). This isn’t an exercise in hypocrisy either–being able to blog all Bible stuff while elsewhere blogging stuff that I didn’t want viewers of the Bible blog to see. No, you are more than welcome to read both blogs. I just hope that people find the Bible blog more interesting, and it’ll allow me to cater to a more specific audience while giving a larger presence to a better subject matter. Make sense?

Having a separate Bible study blog will allow for adding more authors in time as well (though I probably won’t consider anyone unless I am thoroughly aware of what they believe, and participation at the Fellowship Hall is a great way to show that!).

I mentioned my New Year’s resolutions… If everything goes swimmingly, I may not have as much time as I’d like to do all of those. I have decided to put my name into the hat for the management training program at work. If I am accepted, I will start training in four months (after the current class), and four months later will be assigned to a store as a bonafide assistant manager.

The significant boost in pay that training will provide will allow me to look into replacing my current car, which seems to be well over-the-hill in terms of health. Me likey Scions. :P

Alicia & I would also very much enjoy finding a house to buy after the training program ends, and it didn’t take us long to decide that we’re certainly not adverse to having a first child.

So I’ll do my best with the resolutions list, but some of them may be taking one of the back seats on this bus which is my life this year.

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