“The Plunge”

Well, I did it; I submitted an application for the Walmart management training program. Dunno when I’ll hear back about an interview (if I do hear back, at is), but the submission form said that if accepted I would be placed in the training store sometime between March and May. After graduation, I’ll be placed within a store within an hour’s drive of where I live, supposedly, so that could be my home store (I think that’s allowed, anywhere, which would be preferred), Richmond, Greenfield, Oxford, Eaton, New Castle, Rushville, and a few others.

The few people I’ve told at work are really excited for me and think I’d be great at it. Some have wondered what’s taken me so long. And another (Hi, Kristen!) has already said she’d be happy to take my place.

So I’m excited. If I get the position, I will have proven a lot to myself, and have really taken my life up a notch.

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