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If any of you are crazy enough to be playing World of Warcraft and you just happen to be playing on the Rexxar server, feel free to add me to your friends list. My avatar’s name is Asohka (what? an admission that I named a character after a Star Wars character in a post that follows a rant about the aforementioned series? that’s just how I roll. note that it’s an animated series character.), and I’m still a fairly low-leveled warlock. Send me a note in the in-game mail system so I know who you are, and I’ll see you in Azeroth.

7 thoughts on “Now Playing: World of Warcraft”

  1. I’d join you if I had not left the game more than 2 years ago after having played it a good while since its beta. Just be careful not to get addicted — the game has a knack for sucking people in!

  2. There’s a lot to do in it, that’s for sure. I just finished a twelve-hour run in it — started a new character and made it up to level 12… About a level per hour… I wonder if that’s good or if I could be doing better.

    Anyway, if you ever want to rejoin, let me know, and I’ll send you a “Scroll of Resurrection” invite — I think we both get a bonus that way. :P

  3. Much appreciated, bro, but I don’t think I’ll be back in the foreseeable future, lol! What’s the class of your new character? Some are easier to level up than others. Priests are the worst off, speaking from experience. It also helps if you have someone to level with, or helpful guild mates to help you with the low-level instances. A level per hour is pretty good there!

    Which side are you on? I started with Alliance, but moved to the Horde after a year or so. I think the Horde is more fun, but that’s subjective. I ended my WoW “career” as a Blood Elf hunter. ;-)

  4. I started off as an Alliance Human Warlock. She’s at level 18, but I’m definitely having more fun with my aforementioned character, a Horde Blood Elf Warlock. Problem is, everyone I know plays as Alliance. Always saw tons of human players around Stormwind, but not seeing many humans at all up in Horde Blood Elf territory. Oh well.

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