Welcome to I don’t know yet who I’m addressing. As of right now, a tiny handful (I’d say less than three) know this website even exists. Indeed, it doesn’t even have a name yet, let alone much of anything else.

I created with the hopes that I will be able to more fully express myself without tying my hands to one particular niche subject. I want a place where I can wax theological in one post and then review the latest box office diversions (err, movies) a few short hours later, all without my core audience wondering what the heck is wrong with me.

I’ve found that in the past I have tended to try too hard to post that which I think will attract hits. Even when I’ve had nothing to say, I recall staring at my screen for upwards of an hour, clicking around random news sites hoping to find some inspiration for a post. I’m ashamed of that, and I hope to not fall into the same trap here.

In other words, I’m posting whatever I please, not what I think the angry mobs are demanding. If you don’t care about it, why are you reading it? If you do care about it, I caution that you may not get a steady diet of it here. I may post a one-off about a subject and never touch on it again. And I may rattle on ad nauseum about something no one but I cares about.

Yeah, I’m such a rebel.

So, again, welcome to, soon to be the #1 source of information on the internet for all things, well, Rick Beckman and the things which make him tick (and tock).

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