Homosexual Bible Heroes?

Frodo Baggins & Samwise Gamgee are gay. Or not. But if you apply the same reasoning to The Lord of the Rings as some homosexuality advocates apply to the Bible, we would be forced to conclude that Sam & Frodo were homosexual, or at the very least bisexual.

They spent thirteen months together, mostly without women. They slept next to each other. They held each other close. Frodo kissed Sam on the head.

A homosexual relationship or an instance of best friendship and brotherly love?

And didn’t Sam get married, not to Frodo but to a woman?

But when it comes to evaluating the Scriptures, such a relationship cannot possibly be platonic, can it?

David & Samuel were friends who went through quite an adventure, much as Frodo and Sam did. And like Frodo and Sam, their friendship was deeper than most others. Platonic? Not if it could in any way support the sin of homosexuality!

Here are some relevant Scriptures:

1) Ruth & Naomi — Ruth 1:16,17; 2:10,11
2) David & Jonathan — 1 Samuel 18:3,4; 20:41; 2 Samuel 1:26

What do you make of these Scriptures (and their contexts)? Is it possible that a couple of heroes from the Bible were openly homosexual? Or has the wild imaginations of those whose eyes are blind to spiritual things latched onto their misunderstandings simply to be able to claim Scriptural support or make Christians look stupid?

Like everyone else, I have my opinions which I’ll share in another post later on, but I wanted to throw this out there to give you something to think about and discuss via comments, if you want.

7 thoughts on “Homosexual Bible Heroes?”

  1. hmmm… i have read about david and jonathan and ruth and naomi in the bible and i dont see at all where either of the four are homosexual. the bible states their close friendships and deep love for one another but never gave any hint of having homosexual acts with each other. their friendship and love for one another was simply friendship love. there was no mention of any perverted ungodly sex acts with each other.. gods love is pure, holy, true and never ending and thats just what we see here, examples of godly love for mankind, not some self centered acts of lust and pervertedness….

  2. Exactly, but some homosexuals will do their best to twist the Scripture in such a way that they can actually make it say homosexuality was an acceptable thing in the Bible. However, they only twist it to their demise.

  3. Jonathan stripped down in front of David. They kissed. They were faithful to each other and were bound by a vow to each other. Their love for each other surpassed the love of women.

    I’m not saying their gay, but I was hoping to get some discussion going about the actual goings-on of these men (and women, in the case of Ruth & Naomi) to see how we explain such behavior in a heterosexual context.

  4. “And Jonathan stripped himself of the robe that was upon him, and gave it to David, and his garments, even to his sword, and to his bow, and to his girdle.” (1 Sam. 18:4).

    This means that Jonathon didn’t take off all his clothes in front of David – he just gave him his robe & stuff because of their covenant before the Lord. And back in that time, the “kissing” doesn’t denote a sexual meaning. For instance, Judas kissed Jesus before betraying him. Many other people greeted persons of the same gender upon meeting them with a kiss. Also, how in the world can one come upon the interpretation that David, a man after God’s own heart, could possibly indulge in such a sinful act with no remorse, or even address to the issue? Upon further study of the Holy Scriptures instances of homosexual behavior are aways considered sin and are always punished. Misinterpretaions come about when verses are taken out of context…
    Thanks — elle

  5. i don’t think we should say that they’re gay.saying that the bible doesn’t condem homosexual behaviour is pushing it already.lets leave good enough alone.lets not give the religious right anything it can work with.

  6. The Bible *does* condemn homosexuality, and quite thoroughly too. I’m sorry that you associate it automatically with right-wing politics, though. Truly, it has nothing to do with politics.

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