Haggard, Hovind, and Election Day

Every so often, I get an email which I real­ly enjoy. (Amid a tor­ren­tial down­pour of unso­licit­ed ads, it is com­par­a­tive­ly rare to get a good email at all!) And today I received one from Pas­tor James W. Knox of the Bible Bap­tist Church of Deland in Flori­da. In it, he quick­ly and eas­i­ly sums up a few points regard­ing cur­rent events, which I want to share. 

Please do not be offend­ed or insult­ed if you are among the many who have writ­ten in recent days express­ing con­cern over cur­rent events. In respond­ing to those let­ters I am send­ing out a gen­er­al reply to all on our mail­ing list, think­ing many oth­ers must have the same concerns.

  • While I agree that the news media rejoic­es when­ev­er it has an oppor­tu­ni­ty to make Chris­tian­i­ty look bad, the case of Hag­gert [sic] in Col­orado was in no way a man being per­se­cut­ed because he is a Chris­t­ian. Accord­ing to Romans 1 the man is a vile, per­vert­ed, repro­bate, sin­ner who has been giv­en over by God to the lusts of his flesh. He has not been dis­graced because he is a preach­er of the gospel, he has been dis­graced because he has giv­en him­self over to the nas­ti­est of sin. You have got to turn off your TV sets, stop lis­ten­ing to preach­ers who don’t believe the Bible and get away from this notion that we are sup­posed to feel sor­ry for peo­ple who destroy their lives, fam­i­lies and tes­ti­monies. We are to demand their repen­tance. When that is dealt with we’ll work on forgiveness.
  • Ken[t] Hov­ind is not in jail because he is a Chris­t­ian. He is not in jail for preach­ing the gospel. He is not in jail because the gov­ern­ment attacked his church. He is not a pas­tor. He does not have a church. He is in jail because the love of mon­ey drove him to break the law, to lie, steal and engage in prac­tices he knew were not blame­less. His mil­lions were not enough to sat­is­fy his lusts. That is why his tes­ti­mo­ny is gone. You have got to stop idol­iz­ing Chris­t­ian celebri­ties and get away from this notion that if some­one we like vio­lates the word of God they are stand­ing up for some­thing good. If you go to jail for preach­ing the gospel you are a hero. If you go to jail for dis­hon­esty, hav­ing made Chris­tians look like dopes, I hope you like your cell­mate [sic].
  • The elec­tions Tues­day had noth­ing to do with Chris­tian­i­ty. Baby-sprin­klers, blood-deniers, Bible-rejecters [sic] and papists may be the “Chris­t­ian-right” in your book but they are hell-bound sin­ners in God’s book. I have said for the whole 30 years I have been preach­ing that every minute a saved per­son devotes to pol­i­tics is a minute wast­ed. The great com­mis­sion is not go stuff the bal­lot box, it is go preach the gospel. If you com­pare the USA of forty years ago when preach­ers empha­sized the gospel to the USA today when preach­ers empha­size con­ser­v­a­tive pol­i­tics a blind man can see the church­es have erred. Stop join­ing hands with those who hold false doc­trine and oth­er gospels to advance sec­u­lar caus­es. Give your all to Jesus.
  • This is why your pal, Broth­er James, nev­er gets invit­ed to hang out with the big boys.

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How­ev­er, regard­ing Hag­gard, I real­ize that God demands repen­tance, but are we to with­hold our for­give­ness from some­one until they repent? I have nev­er thought so before, but I’m curi­ous if I have missed some­thing regard­ing that.






7 responses to “Haggard, Hovind, and Election Day”

  1. Steve Avatar

    This is strong. Wow.

    Con­cern­ing your ques­tion. I think our for­giv­ness of Hag­gard is triv­ial. He owes me noth­ing. Our con­cern, and it is an intense con­cern, is that some­body force­ful­ly dri­ves him back to the Lord.

  2. Rick Beckman Avatar

    Steve, you are right, our for­give­ness of him is triv­ial, and per­haps it is com­plete­ly unnec­es­sary. After all, he has done no sin toward me.

    But of those who were under his lead­er­ship and have been effec­tive­ly betrayed by his actions, I’m curi­ous how eas­i­ly they can for­give him and whether he should repent first or not.

    And as you said, may he be dri­ven back to the Lord, force­ful­ly if nec­es­sary. That broad way which leads to destruc­tion is not the place I want to see any­one treading!

  3. Steve Avatar

    You’re right. That is good and del­i­cate question.

    I think it would be right to for­give, and quick­er the bet­ter, for their own sake. To hold ill feel­ings does no one any good. Yet, there is a very crit­i­cal place for him to repent before them. For him to come clean. For him to be grieve and express it to them.

    That act of bro­ke­ness is important.

  4. Colin Avatar

    Not sure what this is worth, but Hag­gard did repent of his sins in a pub­lic let­ter read to his congregation.

    And yes, that was all a lit­tle harsh.

  5. Rick Beckman Avatar

    The let­ter excerpt­ed here?

    Repen­tance is more than an apol­o­gy. Repen­tance is “go and sin no more,” and time will tell it. Though I high­ly doubt the psy­cho­an­a­lyt­i­cal non­sense (includ­ing poly­graph tests, no less!) that the Wikipedia arti­cle men­tions will be a part of Hag­gard’s coun­sel­ing will pro­duce any ben­e­fi­cial spir­i­tu­al effect. At least, there’s no bib­li­cal sup­port for it, and that’s bad for him…

  6. Colin Avatar

    As far as I know, yes, he has repent­ed. Just because all that’s in that excerpt (not the whole thing) is just an apol­o­gy does­n’t prove where his heart is. Espe­cial­ly since it’s just a por­tion of the letter.

  7. Rick Beckman Avatar

    I hope you’re right. :) And as I said, time will tell it.

    Lord Jesus is able to restore, just as He did with Peter, and to restore to an even more impor­tant min­istry than before. I find that thought sim­ply amazing.

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