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Adding a Website Snapshot Shortcode to WordPress

There isn’t any­thing quite so bor­ing as view­ing web­sites full of links. Link. Descrip­tion. Link. Descrip­tion. Link. Descr— Well, you get the idea. If you have such a list on your web­site, you might seek to spice them up with screen­shots to give a bit of pop to fur­ther encour­age your users to fol­low the links. But it …

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How to Add a Site Name Shortcode to WordPress

A cos­mic cloud of gas­es con­dens­es under its own grav­i­ty, form­ing a star. Gen­er­a­tions upon gen­er­a­tions of sin­­gle-celled organ­isms lead to mul­ti-cel­lu­lar com­plex life. And your hum­ble blog has grown beyond its sem­i­nal inspi­ra­tion. Change hap­pens, and you don’t have to find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where if you decide to change the name of your site, …

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Com­ment­ing Add Whim­si­cal Place­hold­er Text to Com­ment Forms — Add a bit of humor to your com­ment form all while pro­vid­ing an exam­ple to users of how to prop­er­ly enter their email and web­site address­es.  Com­ment Form Val­i­da­tion — Enable HTML5 form val­i­da­tion on the Word­Press com­ment­ing form.  Devel­op­ment Make phpin­fo() Read­i­ly Avail­able with­in Word­Press — An easy way to keep tabs on …

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How to Avoid Losing Visitors Due to Comment Links

Note: The code in this arti­cle was updat­ed and test­ed to work as of 2015-09-01. If you run a Word­­Press-pow­ered web­site, ask your­self, how many users leave your site by fol­low­ing the links left by com­menters? The answer will no doubt vary great­ly site to site, but if your users are leav­ing your site pre­ma­ture­ly and …

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