Refusing to Remain Silent

Test­ing, test­ing. Is this thing on? It prob­a­bly isn’t, but here I am any­way. A lot has hap­pened over the course of the year since I last wrote here. My wife Jade and I cel­e­brat­ed our third wed­ding anniver­sary this month, not with fan­cy gifts but with sev­er­al spe­cial dates over the course of this past week. …

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Go Support the Mars Generation!

Aspir­ing astro­naut Abi­gail Har­ri­son has launched a non-prof­it which aims to inspire the youth of the world to reach for the stars, pro­mot­ing not only the future of space trav­el but also the fur­ther­ance sci­ence in fun and education.

Happy Exaltation of the Cross Day!

Today marks the anniver­sary of the pre­sen­ta­tion of the “true cross” at a church long ago. Excit­ing, right? Fic­tions can be that way! Watch as a I share a bit of my favorite fic­tion and dis­cuss some how fic­tions can inspire us to be bet­ter people.

In Remembrance of 2001/09/11

It has been four­teen years since reli­gious ter­ror­ism caused the deaths of so many. We *still* haven’t moved past reli­gion. The time is now! Onward toward a sec­u­lar now!

Speaker 1: "Why didn't God stop the shooting?" Speaker 2: "How could he? He's not allowed in school anymore."

Why Didn’t God Stop the Shooting?

If school shoot­ings hap­pen because God is banned from schools, then why do church shoot­ings hap­pen? Giv­en what we know about God, per­haps he just does­n’t exist.

Ascending toward a Secular Now

If the end result of ascend­ing Olym­pus is to learn that the gods the world wor­ships aren’t real­ly there, what does that mean for soci­ety? How should moral­i­ty be deter­mined in a post-reli­gion soci­ety? Let’s take a look at our increas­ing­ly “sec­u­lar now.”

Rick Beckman