Heaven or Hell? Which One Will You Choose?

I used to spend a lot of time orga­niz­ing, brand­ing, and pass­ing out tracts as a Chris­t­ian, but I’ve come to find them non­sen­si­cal. In this first edi­tion of Tract Check, I look at the Fel­low­ship Tract League’s tract “Heav­en or Hell?” to see if it pass­es muster.

mosque at night

60 Questions from a Muslim to Christians … Answered! (Part 2: Salvation)

Mr. Hus­sein Khalid Al-Hus­­sein has writ­ten an inter­est­ing list of 60 Ques­tions for Chris­tians, which I will endeav­or to answer here. If you have an apolo­get­ics blog or have an inter­est in defend­ing the faith, answer these ques­tions for your­self as well, and share the answers with your brethren. The more defense of the truth …

60 Ques­tions from a Mus­lim to Chris­tians … Answered! (Part 2: Sal­va­tion) Read More »

My Testimony

I was but a poor lost boy, unsure of life and with­out direc­tion, until I met Jesus. This is that sto­ry of how, thanks to the time­ly invi­ta­tions to church by some friends, I’d take a step into the light of God’s son.

Rick Beckman