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  • Refusing to Remain Silent

    Test­ing, test­ing. Is this thing on? It prob­a­bly isn’t, but here I am anyway. A lot has hap­pened over the course of the year since I last wrote here. My wife Jade and I cel­e­brat­ed our third wed­ding anniver­sary this month, not with fan­cy gifts but with sev­er­al spe­cial dates over the course of this past week. […]

  • Raising My Daughter in a Broken World

    When I first set out six­teen or so years ago pub­lish­ing con­tent online, I did so as a naïve child, using what lit­tle of a home­page I could build to unite my chat room friends, to social­ize with a few local friends via guest­books, and to share a lit­tle bit about my interests. The skills […]

Rick Beckman