Ascending toward a Secular Now

If the end result of ascend­ing Olym­pus is to learn that the gods the world wor­ships aren’t real­ly there, what does that mean for soci­ety? How should moral­i­ty be deter­mined in a post-reli­gion soci­ety? Let’s take a look at our increas­ing­ly “sec­u­lar now.”

There Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

The ancient Greeks lived sub­servient­ly to a myr­i­ad of gods, the elite of which ruled from Mount Olym­pus. Why then did the Greeks not take to Olym­pus to see whether the gods were tru­ly there? Why do we, today, not make every effort to see whether the gods of today’s reli­gions are tru­ly there? It’s time to expose the cha­rades of reli­gion, ascend­ing their high places, and embrac­ing a sec­u­lar now.

Rick Beckman