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Do You Need God to Be Good?

With­out God, peo­ple are free to rape, mur­der, steal, and cause all the destruc­tion that they want… right? That is what some apol­o­gists believe, that with­out God, there is no good­ness. But what is the good? And can it be attained with­out God’s help?

Definitively Proving God’s Existence, One Way or Another

It’s often said that you can­not prove that God does­n’t exist or that it takes faith to know he does exist. Would you believe both o these are lies? The Bible actu­al­ly describes a repeat­able test designed to show that God is real, and it’s a test that can be done by just about anyone.

Speaker 1: "Why didn't God stop the shooting?" Speaker 2: "How could he? He's not allowed in school anymore."

Why Didn’t God Stop the Shooting?

If school shoot­ings hap­pen because God is banned from schools, then why do church shoot­ings hap­pen? Giv­en what we know about God, per­haps he just does­n’t exist.

Ogre Gods

In the enjoy­able com­ment con­ver­sa­tion of A “Pro­gres­sive Chris­t­ian Blog”?, a fel­low by the nick­name of yes2truth made the judg­ment that I was bib­li­cal­ly igno­rant. Oh, and that I am, for there is far more still yet to learn from the pages of Scrip­ture than would have even been pos­si­ble to have already learned in …

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