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Creationist Russ Miller’s Glory of God Mathematics

Christians worship the triune God, manifested as the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. Scoffers claim we’re worshipping 3 Gods (1+1+1=3) however, the Bible says the heavens declare the glory of God & His triune character is reflected in His creation’s space, matter & time. Not surprisingly, each of these 3 also exhibits a triune character. Space consists of height-width & depth. Matter is solid-liquid & gas. Time is past-present & future. The correct math confirms (1) Father x (1) Son x (1) Spirit=One God & you can put your trust in His Word, word for word & cover to cover.

It is no secret that Christians will do whatever they can to give their beliefs a grounding in reality. Perhaps most notable are the works of young-Earth creationists who selectively choose what they consider to be “good” science so that they can say science agrees with what they believe the Bible to say about reality.

But then there are some — like (coincidentally) young-Earth creationist Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries — who think that they can lend credence to their beliefs by imagining connections between beliefs & reality, while simultaneously demonstrating how ignorant they are of reality.

Let’s look at Mr. Miller’s homily, bit by bit.

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Heaven or Hell? Which One Will You Choose?

When I was a Christian, I managed to amass a large collection of tracts, short pamphlets designed to designed to get across a message. And in the case of those that I had, those messages ranged from pointed gospel messages to out-of-left-field messages disparaging certain Bible translations.

I’d do a lot with these tracts: leave them in public places, tuck them away in library books, and of course hand them out door to door with friends of mine — all of this after I meticulously branded the back of each one with not only the address of my church but often, this website’s address back when I wrote as a Christian. This branding was done by hand for thousands of them before eventually investing in a custom stamp. Yes, there was plenty else I could have done with my time; you don’t have to remind me!

I don’t recall finding too many other tracts in the areas I’d frequent back then, but over the past couple of years, I’ve found them with increasing frequency. But now I look at them from a completely different perspective — that of an outsider to their religious message, that of a skeptic, that of (to be honest…) the “target audience” of the tracts.

Rather than grab-and-recycle the tracts as I spot them, I’ll be bringing them to you, the & Secular Now audience, beginning with “Heaven or Hell: Which One Will You Choose?”