Creationist Russ Miller’s Glory of God Mathematics

Cre­ation­ist Russ Miller claims that the uni­verse declares the glo­ry of God, and claims as sup­port of this the pre­sumed tri­une nature of var­i­ous aspects of real­i­ty — time, space, etc. But what hap­pens when a cre­ation­ist goes from talk­ing about the imag­i­nary world of bib­li­cal cre­ation­ism to tying it into reality?

Heaven or Hell? Which One Will You Choose?

I used to spend a lot of time orga­niz­ing, brand­ing, and pass­ing out tracts as a Chris­t­ian, but I’ve come to find them non­sen­si­cal. In this first edi­tion of Tract Check, I look at the Fel­low­ship Tract League’s tract “Heav­en or Hell?” to see if it pass­es muster.

Rick Beckman