KJV-Only Schools, from David Cloud

The following schools have been found to be in accordance with KJV-only theology according to fundamental Baptist missionary David Cloud (only included below are the schools with active websites and that I could verify still exist):

While I am not strictly KJV-only, I have dear friends who are and know that many sincere Christians stand solely upon it. That is their choice, and I hope this list helps point them in the direction they (or their children) may want to go.

Let me also add these, though they are much smaller and by no means as “official” as some of the above schools are:

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Longing for the Good Ol’ Days of Educational Television

I miss being able to tune into the Discovery Channel or TLC and actually finding an interesting program that is going to teach me something…

I couldn’t care less about home redecorating, seeing how pack rats are forced to get rid of their clutter, watching a car get a makeover, and so on ad nauseum.

Does anyone else miss the week-long series on Egypt or UFOs or even sharks?