Faith without Works: On Living an Empowered Christian Life

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pin down just what I believe. Well, let me rephrase that: I believe in Jesus Christ and in the Scriptures as His testimony. And while I am fairly conversant in Scriptural theology, I sometimes wonder what it is I’m supposed to be doing, how it is I can live out an empowered Christian life.

Yeah, it’s nice to be able to explain in detail just what was going on in the events described in Genesis 6. It’s nice knowing how to reconcile apparent contradictions in the Bible. It’s nice knowing any number of theological nuggets.

It’s nice to know those things intellectually. Nicer still is having faith in the substance of those truths, Jesus Christ.

But faith without works is dead, or so taught the apostle James.


Cap and Trade in a Nutshell

You may have heard a lot lately about the cap and trade bill which was recently sped through the House of Representatives and is currently in the Senate. And you may have, like I had, absolutely no idea what “cap and trade” — emissions trading — is all about.

I asked Dad for a bit of clarification, and here it is, as I understand it. [2019 note: Please do not make the mistake of thinking Dad agreed with my climate change denial in this post. He explained cap and trade well; I was just too tied up in a conservative mindset to know any better.]

Cap and trade legislation is intrinsically tied to the idea that not only is mankind somehow affecting the climate of Earth but that such effects are significant and could result in Very Bad Things.