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Missing the Point

Con­tent warn­ing: This post con­tains a pho­to­graph from a West­boro Bap­tist protest which is used as an exam­ple of what not to do. It con­tains lan­guage which is offen­sive. Over a decade ago, while I yet called myself a Chris­t­ian, I was onto some­thing good: a real­iza­tion that homo­pho­bic protests and oth­er­wise aggres­sive “evan­ge­lism” were …

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A Tale of Two Worldviews

Chris­tian­i­ty is fas­ci­nat­ing. The sto­ries of the Bible, the mir­a­cles and teach­ings described through­out? It’s end­less­ly curi­ous, with more nuance than it is often giv­en cred­it for, par­tic­u­lar­ly among my fel­low unbe­liev­ers. Far too often, unbe­liev­ers pick up on car­i­ca­tures of Chris­tian­i­ty — shal­low exag­ger­a­tions or dis­tor­tions that can be eas­i­ly mocked in text­book examples …

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There and Back Again

I was once a fer­vent Chris­t­ian til a moral cri­sis robbed me of my faith; years have passed, but I real­ize now that in my unbe­lief, God was always faith­ful, wait­ing patient­ly for me to return.

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KJV 1611 vs. KJV 1769: The KJV-onlyist’s Looming Dilemma

“The only changes made since the 1611 trans­la­tion of the KJV until now have been changes of spelling or print­ing only.” I’ve heard this often, usu­al­ly from well-mean­ing peo­ple who wish to defend the King James Ver­sion’s pedi­gree as a “per­fect” trans­la­tion of the Bible. That state­ment, how­ev­er, is incor­rect; it is unfit for rep­e­ti­tion by …

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