Happy Independence Day

Should Chris­tians cel­e­brate patri­o­tism and patri­ot­ic hol­i­days like Inde­pen­dence Day? Sure, the fire­works are fun to watch, but is the patri­o­tism worth mak­ing oaths to a satan­ic nation?

“War of the Worlds” Reviewed

A brief review of the sci-fi block­buster “War of the Worlds,” star­ring Tom Cruise, includ­ing not just a look at the movie, but a brief run­down of how it stacks up from a Chris­t­ian perspective.

Spain Legalizes Gay Marriage

The march toward repro­ba­tion con­tin­ues with yet anoth­er nation legal­iz­ing gay mar­riage, despite God’s clear warn­ings to the con­trary. Will you choose “civ­il rights” over righteousness?

Logo Launches

Cable tele­vi­sion becomes a lit­tle less safe for fam­i­ly val­ues as MTV Net­works launch­es a net­work cel­e­brat­ing the debauch­ery of homo­sex­u­al­i­ty. There was already so much objec­tion­able con­tent on cable tele­vi­sion as it is, does the world real­ly need Logo?

Internet Filter

When I have a fam­i­ly, I want to be able to pro­tect them when they are online. I’ve been con­sid­er­ing Inter­net fil­ter­ing, and I’m tak­ing sug­ges­tions, though I am lean­ing toward a fil­ter offered by Amer­i­can Fam­i­ly Online.

KJV-Only Schools, from David Cloud

Fun­da­men­tal Bap­tist and King James only­ist David Cloud com­piled a list of schools which he deter­mined to be friend­ly to the doc­trine of King James only­ism. Which schools made this elite cut?


For four years, I had no idea what the para­ble of the prodi­gal son was actu­al­ly talk­ing about. Do you?

My Testimony

I was but a poor lost boy, unsure of life and with­out direc­tion, until I met Jesus. This is that sto­ry of how, thanks to the time­ly invi­ta­tions to church by some friends, I’d take a step into the light of God’s son.

The Orion Oratory