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Your Employer Owns You

Apparently it’s now legal for American employers to ban their employees from fraternizing while off duty.

I’ve seen dozens of “stupid laws” lists, in which fun is poked at old laws that still happen to be on the books; perhaps America’s looking to update the stupid laws lists to include more modern variations?

Who knows.

But if employers are wanting to control the lives of employees while they are off-the-clock, maybe they ougth to be paid for still obeying the employer off-the-clock.

At least preventing co-workers from dating makes sense; I see no advantage in preventing co-workers from just hanging out…

4 replies on “Your Employer Owns You”

You see no advantage in preventing co-workers from just hanging out??

If employees can not speak to each other, then the employer can get away with all manner of deceptions and abuses. Equally important is the difficulty in unionizing when the employees cannot talk to each other.

This is just another example of the low regard the current administration has for workers. If it’s good for business it is good. If it is good for people, then it had better not be bad for business.

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