WP-SpamFree – An Essential WordPress Plugin

A wall of canisters of Spam

Most of my five or so readers won’t care too much about this, but it isn’t every day I come across a piece of software which absolutely amazes me.

WP-SpamFree is a WordPress plugin which “virtually eliminates automated comment spam from bots.” So many plugins make such a promise, but using WP-SpamFree has been nothing short of wonderful.

No longer do I log in to my blog to discover 30+ spam emails in Akismet’s quarantine. ((Akismet doesn’t actually block any spam; it simply separates posted spam out into a quarantine so that you can check it for false positives and such. In other words, you’re still dealing with the spam. Contrariwise, WP-SpamFree blocks spam at the door.)) No longer are there hundreds of spam comments each week waiting to be checked at Cloud 9 Lyrics.

WP-SpamFree works, and it works well — so well that I’ve installed it on the five active blogs I maintain. And I’m posting this to recommend to anyone else out there running a self-hosted WordPress blog ((I.e., one that isn’t hosted at WordPress.com.)) to install it as well. It’ll make your life easier, and it won’t inconvenience your users like some other antispam solutions may!

2 thoughts on “WP-SpamFree – An Essential WordPress Plugin”

  1. Try AOL, they cut the spam by 99 per cent. Spam, isn’t that good stuff? People talk about getting e mail from those whom you don’t want, but I rarly ever get any. Blogspot is good for not letting any spam getting through.

    Glad you are having success.


  2. If my aim was simply to be free of spam, I wouldn’t be using WordPress; however, so long as my aim is to have a powerful blogging experience, I won’t be using Blogspot. :P

    The pros of WordPress far outweigh the con of spam, especially when free solutions like WP-SpamFree exist.

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