WordPress 2 Beta 2

Just updated again to the very latest nightly of WordPress, and finally figured out how to get the Rich Text editor to work while writing a post. Apparently you can’t have zlib enabled at the PHP level because TinyMCE (the editor WordPress uses) uses gzip functions. Gzip on top of zlib doesn’t play nice, so the script hasn’t loaded for me yet.

So, a trip into php.ini to disable zlib, and I am now happily posting away in a beautiful WYSIWYG environment. I can’t wait for WordPress 2 to go gold, and I am really hoping that the Problogger Clean theme is made to work with it.

If you aren’t using WordPress to make your blog, you’re missing out. (Yes, this is just a way to say thank you to Matt and all the other guys that help to make WordPress what it is!)

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